My Fitness Story

Here’s the skinny (and not-so-skinny): 

Not so long ago, I was severely addicted to sugar; I used it as medication to help curb anxiety and depressive episodes. I used it for entertainment and for fulfillment. I was constantly craving something sweet to eat and resulting in more anxiety, depression, illness and weight gain. I truly didn’t know how to get a hold of the situation and often got trapped in a vicious cycle of starving myself followed by binge eating.

In 2010, my friend Katie introduced me to Shakeology and suggested that I detox from sugar. That’s when I realized that I had a bonafide sugar addiction. I started researching sugar addiction and realized that many of my health issues (including complications to PCOS) were likely being caused by my addiction. I credit Shakeology with helping me detox from sugar. In 2012, I completely cleaned up my diet and began practicing a whole foods, clean eating diet – free of refined carbohydrates and processed foods. In 2014, I began PiYo by Team Beachbody and learned that I could be lean once again despite how I’d abused my body with food and a sedentary lifestyle.

I think these photos may help you and they help me, too. Seeing where I started is continued motivation not to go back there. My dramatic weight loss took a lot of effort and I want to be diligent to keep the weight off from now on. As far as helping you, I think I’ve seen just about every before/after picture there is on the internet. I wanted to see that my end-goal was possible. I wanted to see that other women, like me, could do this – that they could lose 50, 60, 70 or even 100 pounds without some extreme and costly or complicated weight loss effort. So, that’s why this page exists. I hope it helps you.

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Age 25 – After 1 Child

200lbs | Aug 2012

Age 31









198lbs | Sept 2012

Age 31









150lbs | Aug 2014

2014 – Age 33











2018 – Age 36

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