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You can beat sugar addiction! A mom of 5’s journey

I can remember being in my mid to late 20s, thinking (and saying out-loud)... "I've really messed this up. I've gained so much weight with pregnancy." "I am a sugar addict and I can't stop binge eating." "My body WILL NEVER go back to what it was before." "Why wasn't I careful? I. am. ruined." I… Continue reading You can beat sugar addiction! A mom of 5’s journey


Family Friday: Sometimes we just have to freak out to feel better.

Maybe you make all your big life changes without hesitation; maybe you are completely care-free and consider all things an adventure; or, maybe your like me and while your glass is ALWAYS half-full, you still have little freak out moments now and then. Let me tell you about my current freak out....

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Motivation Monday: Just. Keep. Learning.

I firmly believe that we are made to be lifelong learners. I'm not talking about school, either. I think we need to learn from what and who surrounds us each day. It's a great thing to be pro-active and go learn on our own instead of just taking on a stance of helplessness. Continued learning… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Just. Keep. Learning.