IMG_0423Oh heyyyy, new friend!!

I’m Tess. Wife to my high school sweetheart; mama to six kids; professional writer, and wellness advocate. I’ve turned my life around by changing the way I think about food and I know that you can do that, too! Once upon a time I was highly addicted to sugar. I kept begging for bloodwork because I was CERTAIN that I had diabetes or a metabolic disorder. I felt terrible all the time; I was sick, lethargic, suffering from PCOS, and had no motivation to change. I just craved sugar and carbs 24/7. In fact, because of my despair and inability to lose weight…I just kept eating! My emotions were puffed out with food every single day. I thought my daily calorie-free 44oz diet soda from the gas station was an acceptable way to deal with my stress, not realizing that while I was trying to keep my mind, body, and soul in order – I was wreaking havoc on it at the very same time.

That’s not the good part. 
The best part of my new found way of eating was…I no longer craved sweets. My desire to binge had disappeared and I knew how to FUEL my body with healthy whole foods instead of using fake feel-good foods as a band-aid for my emotions. The rest is history, ya’ll.  I went on to lose fifty pounds with clean eating. I’ve had three two more babies since then and am committed to this way of eating. I started this blog shortly after and I love educating others about what I know when it comes to health and fitness.
I hope you’ll stick around and contribute to the conversation! Please message me with any questions you have! 🙂

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