Break free – with baby-wearing! #familyfriday

Wrapsody WrapDuo It wasn’t long after I had my fourth baby that I knew baby-wearing was going to be an absolute MUST for us, if I ever wanted to be productive again. Like many mamas who are new to baby wearing, I was overwhelmed by the number of options. I was trying to figure out which carrier would be best for us and also – trying to understand why some carriers are $25 and some are $2,500…

Through trial and error and a LOT of Googling, I found what works best for us and I want to share my favorite baby-wearing picks with you today! Even though baby #5 is only a little over two weeks old, he’s already been worn in three different carriers and he seems to love it!

Here is what I have found that works for us. If you have any questions, please let me know! I’d love to help you on your baby wearing journey!

Favorite newborn carriers:

  • Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (I love slings made from Girasol woven wraps); You will see a big difference in the construction and wear of a WCRS as opposed to Maya wrap, peanut shell, etc. Slings are great because you can fold them up and put them in a diaper bag; easy on/off; washable; long-lasting; can be used through toddler age.
  • Stretchy Wrap (I really love the WrapDuo by Wrapsody). I have used a Moby wrap in the past, and prefer the WrapDuo because of fabric weight, versatility (can be used in the water) and ease of use. Another good option would be a Solly Baby wrap.

Beco BB2 with Custom Cover from PaxBabyFavorite Infant Carrier:

  • Wrap Conversion Ring Sling – for all the reasons listed above.
  • SSC (Soft-Structured Carrier) – I like Beco (Butterfly 2) and Tula Standard. There are many options to choose from, but beware of carriers that allow baby to face-out and or allow baby’s legs to dangle. It’s not ideal for baby’s hips. Google that for more info and use your own discretion. Great for hiking and long walks. I prefer carrying baby on my back as he gets older! It’s not as hard/scary as it looks and it gives baby a great view of the world!

Favorite Toddler Carrier:

  • Wrap Conversion Ring Sling – for all the reasons listed above.
  • I like the Toddler Tula (suitable for ages 1-3) and easily wearable by mom or dad. It’s like the standard SSC mentioned above, just sized for a toddler.

You can join a number of baby-wearing swaps on FB: This is this big one with over 85k members.

Girasol Metamorphisis Wrap Conversion Ring SlingThere’s are also many local baby wearing groups – some of which will have a lending library where you can borrow a carrier and try it on for fit and comfort!

I like to carry my babies through age 2-3 and recommend starting right away so they are used to baby-wearing from the get-go. There are many other fantastic carriers out there, these are just my favorites!

I encourage you to do your research; watch youtube videos on the ones you’re considering and make an investment! Carriers offer a great way for mom and baby to bond and can be passed on from child to child. Also, make sure to read up on babywearing safety AND purchase a QUALITY carrier! There are some carriers that are not made from quality materials and can be unsafe for baby (e.g., a ring sling made with craft rings as opposed to galvanized metal rings). Not all carriers are created equal!

I love to shop small and purchase carriers from Jillian over at
You can also see a bunch of super helpful baby-wearing tutorials on her YouTube page: That’s where I learned how to use wraps, carriers and my BB2.

PS. You will not spoil your baby by wearing him or her long-term in a carrier! You will certainly make him or her feel safe and loved, though!!

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