Reaching Out: Beachbody and Team Inspire


I joined Team Beachbody (TBB), as a Coach, a while back just to get a discount on my beloved Shakeology. I always said that I WOULD NOT publicly promote TBB until I saw proven and sustainable results in my own life. I wanted my very own testimony in-hand to show that TBB’s products are for real, and they do what they say they will do.

piyobeforeafterAfter using the nutritionally-dense Shakeology to help curb sugar cravings as I detoxed from my life-long sugar addiction AND added in Turbo Fire and PiYo, it became very evident to me that TBB does. not. play. Check out the photo to your right. The image on the left shows a flabby me just before starting PiYo. On the right, you see a toned-up mom of four – a mere month or two later – in the best shape of her adult life. Thank you, Beachbody!

After using the products for several years and having my own story to share, I feel comfortable recommending the vast array of TBB options to my clients and blog readers time and time again. Maybe PiYo isn’t for you, but TBB has options for everyone! And, no, you don’t have to drink Shakeology to acheive success – though I do recommend it.

Why does Beachbody work?
Team Beachbody has A LOT of options. Whether you’re brand-new to fitness or a hardcore exercise enthusiast who wants to bring your routine home, there is something for you in their line up of WORLD-CLASS programs. In addition to workouts, Beachbody offers nutritional support with its programs; Shakeology, and a vast array of online tools including community support AND high quality coaching and accountability from its network of dedicated and driven coaches.

inspireblogWhat is Team Inspire?
In addition to partnering with the makers of P90x, PiYo, T25, Insanity, Shakeology and more…I am part of a FANTASTIC team of supportive health and wellness enthusiasts with TEAM INSPIRE! This team of Beachbody Coaches absolutely stands up to its name and inspires me every single day!! Being part of Team Inspire, as a Coach, has directly impacted my own health and wellness efforts – and I enjoy every day that I get to work with my teammates on helping those around us be better and do better – far beyond the scope of Beachbody!!

These folks TRULY work to inspire and encourage one another day in and day out. We connect on a daily basis through social media; video calls; phone calls – by any means possible – to reach out to one another in an effort to help others across the globe become the best version of themselves!! I LOVE IT and this group really allows me to hone in on the vast array of fitness needs that others have and serve them in the most effective way possible.

Interested in Beachbody products or joining Team Inspire?
If you LOVE inspiring others to do better and be better, apply to be part of my team! You can become a coach for just around $40 and a $15/mo site maintenance fee – however, the INSPIRATION you receive in return is PRICELESS!! PS. You do not need to be in perfect shape to apply – the main requirement is that you are INSPIRING and desire to motivate and encourage others on their journey. Want more info? Email me via this link.


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