Motivation Monday: Pitch Your Yo-Yos.

I had a glow in the dark Duncan yo-yo when I was a little one. And, I always hated it. I couldn’t quite get the rhythm down to make it work right. I’d drop it to the bottom and it wouldn’t come back up. I’d try to switch up my technique and I ended up with tangles and frustration. Looking back, this intense frustration is synonymous with my long-time eating habits – the yo-yo diet.

If there was one thing I was GREAT at for the first 30 years of life, it was the yo-yo diet. I’ve done them all. Swallowed the pills, drank the drinks, read the books, and counted my way into extreme frustration – ultimately bottoming out and going back to my old ways of over-eating through the frustration because I just. couldn’t. do it.

When I started clean eating in 2012, all of that stopped. It was THE WEIRDEST. Because, only knowing a life that consisted of yo-yoing and existing in a tangled mess of points and unsustainable programs, was just what I was accustomed to by age 30. It was frustrating, but it was my normalcy.

Why is clean eating different?

  • You are eating real food. Your body is meant to run on real food, not processed/packaged/manufactured pseudo-foods. Your body will operate better – physically and mentally.
  • You get to eat often. Instead of saving all my points/calories/fat grams for a big binge-fest at dinner, I eat SIX times a day. SIX!! Doesn’t that sound better than just three at breakfast, lunch and dinner? I think so.
  • You probably aren’t going to binge on clean foods. Sorry. I love broccoli and eggs as much as the next guy, but I can’t honestly say there was a time when I started eating it (or any other clean food, for that matter) and couldn’t stop. It’s balanced; it’s delicious; it’s filling; it’s not likely to trigger a binge. I think clean eating is safe eating!
  • It’s sustainable for a LIFE TIME. I’m serious. You can eat clean from your very first solid foods as a newborn until the time your kids put you up in a Home somewhere. It works for anyone, of any age, in any income bracket!! Clean eating is flexible, delicious and can be done frugally.

So, if you’re ready to put down your yo-yo and learn more, message me!! I’m also running a new 21 Day Fix group that will teach the basics of clean eating and portion control over a 21 day timeframe. It’s about $60 to get going and I’ll be with you the whole way!! Let me know if you’re interested. At-home workouts, shopping lists and meal ideas are included!!!

21 day fix

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