Wheat do you think about this?

6d176-img_3663Ok, you guys. I’m turning to the Break Free Be Fit Community for a little question and answer session of my own this time! When I started clean eating back in 2012, I (un-intentionally) adopted a mostly wheat-free diet as well. I never went out of my way to avoid wheat as I never considered it a problem child in my life (other than the fact that my addiction to sugar included refined carbs found in white flour….). Whole grain bread is a perfectly acceptable clean alternative to its white-bread cousin. However, I’m not a whole grain bread fan-girl, so I usually just skip it and go with sprouted grain – like Ezekiel 4:9 – instead.

Here’s where I get to the troubling part. NOW, when I try to eat wheat (like whole grain bread; an unclean bagel, perhaps; whole wheat pancakes; a cookie made with flour; etc. I. FEEL. SICK. Like, very soon after consumption I feel like I’ve eaten cement and it’s solidifying in in my gut, for one. And, for two, I’ve noticed my fingers swelling up after eating it AND I get heartburn. NOT COOL.

I know I don’t need wheat to survive and, honestly, it’s a take it or leave it thing with me. I’m just curious to know if any of you have experienced similar symptoms when eating wheat. I know a lot of you have read Wheat Belly and I’m considering getting a copy just for informational purposes; I’ve also read that the reason these things happen is because modern wheat is not processed as it once was.

So, let me know!!! I’m anxious to hear your thoughts. 🙂

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