Motivation Monday: Just. Keep. Learning.

I firmly believe that we are made to be lifelong learners. I’m not talking about school, either. I think we need to learn from what and who surrounds us each day. It’s a great thing to be pro-active and go learn on our own instead of just taking on a stance of helplessness. Continued learning promotes optimism, indeed. In fact, I am so thankful to be part of Team Inspire, where the importance of professional development is often discussed and strongly encouraged. Learning new things allows us to make informed decisions related to fitness, food and a host of other things. It also allows us to help other.

Adopting a new lifestyle related to food and fitness can require a pretty steep learning curve; as I said, recently, in one of the focus groups I’m leading, when I first started clean eating, I spent way more money than necessary because I thought eating clean and healthy meant buying expensive food exclusive to health and specialty stores. WRONG. Over time, I’ve read and researched frugal clean eating. I’ve learned how to take traditional recipes and make them clean without ingredients that break the bank. The last time I went in a health food store, I didn’t even glance at the food.

Even though I have clean eating down, now, I certainly don’t claim to know it all! There’s always room for refinements and I absolutely love to learn more in order to help my readers and clients be better and do better!! I wanted to share a few things I’m reading right now in order to help our family, others and myself. If you’re a reader, you may want to look into these as well. If not, just message me. I’ll give you the Cliffs Notes. 🙂

IMG_57011.) Yeah, it’s just a cookbook. I may or may not have a little hoarding issue when it comes to books – cookbooks in particular. I just love learning new things from them, seeing the recipes in a nice format and getting new ideas based on what’s there. The funny thing is, I’m rotten when it comes to following instructions. I usually get a general idea and then do my own thing. BUT, cookbooks are definitely my inspiration. When I was organizing pots and pants today, I found this one shoved back into a kitchen cabinet. I took a break from cleaning and started reading it for the very first time; I think rice milk is on my agenda, now, this week! 🙂 Even if your personal library of cookbooks or those you check-out from the library seem daunting, don’t worry!! You don’t have to follow them verbatim. Just keep some good ideas, take notes and ask questions when you have questions! This is how we learn. 🙂

IMG_57032.) Also? I have the attention span of a fly. So sometimes magazines are my jam! I love Clean Eating magazine; this down-to-earth publication is where I learned that clean eating doesn’t require a bunch of obscure ingredients, take all day long, and is totally do-able. I do a lot of online reading, but picked up this mag at Costco a few weeks ago for some fresh new content.

IMG_35343.) Food: The Good Girl’s Drug: How to Stop Using Food to Control Your Feelings. Wow! I could have written this little gem. Last week, we were talking about binge eating and emotional eating in one of the groups I’m in. Someone shared a post and at the end was a link to this book. I Amazon’ed it right away and I’m having a hard time putting it down. If you’ve ever had an issue with emotional or binge eating, be sure to get a copy of this relatable and well-written pub. You won’t be sorry!

I think of professional development a lot like we run our homeschooling routine. We don’t all learn the same so there is no required formula for learning more. Check out magazines, podcasts, books, documentaries, online forums and more to keep you on your toes and always learning. I have several good clean eating resources that I refer to often. If you want to learn more, don’t forget about my e-class featuring Clean Eating and Sugar Detox 101, too! I’m taking registrations now just message me if you’re interested.

Hope you have a great and motivational Monday!!

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