Thirsty Thursday: I said "no" to Shakeology…

Shakeology-ReviewWhen my friend Katie mentioned Shakeology to me back in 2010, I gave it a once (or twice) over via the Interwebs and quickly decided it wasn’t for me. After-all, I had tried “shakes” before and I was looking for something sustainable – something I could live with. I didn’t need another “weight loss shake,” I needed a total lifestyle makeover! I tried other  shakes and not only were they not super tasty, they weren’t satisfying and I couldn’t stick with them very long. I’d had some protein shakes and could barely drink one serving, let alone on a regular basis. Why would Shakeology be different? It was also a pricier option; I mean, isn’t a shake a shake?? Not so much and I wouldn’t consider ShakeO a weight loss shake, though you are likely to lose weight drinking it when combined with a healthy diet! Click through to the video and see how it is INDEED different than the other “shakes” on the market and how I went from a Shakeology nay-sayer, to the loyal ShakeO drinker I am today!

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