Truth Thursday: I made brownies, and my kids were ticked.

PIMG_5362regnancy brings out all the weirdness, you know? Like, I suddenly want to consume ginger; green beans; cottage cheese with grapes; and, raisin bran cereal like it’s mah J-O-B. I’ve been having another weird craving that I finally decided to tackle today. The weirdest part? It’s a baked good that I’ve never made or tried. Okay, maybe two weird parts, that baked good is black bean brownies.

When I told the kids I was just going to toss some black beans in the  brownies, they were certain that I had marred their dreams of chocolatey, gooey, melty brownie goodness; to put it nicely, they. were. ticked. One of my children flat out told me NO ONE would eat them and I was wasting ingredients by making them (I just wrote that off as an “I’m sorry for what I said when I was craving chocolate” moment and moved on). I read ALL the black bean brownie recipes, though, until I found one that looked simply fabulous based on ingredients and reviews.

P.S. I don’t make controversial food unless I’m SURE it’s not going to be disgusting when all is said and done. I’m not the best baker to begin with, soooooo….why combine my so-so baking skills with something that may or may not be disgusting in the end.

I used this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie (I love her, btw). By the time I’d whipped up the batter and had a spoon ready for licking…the child who swore no one would eat the brownies, was in awe of the chocolatey, bean-y, amazing and delicious batter. We popped them in the oven, let them cool, and had melty amazing brownies and ice cream as an after dinner treat. Omgosh. SO DELICIOUS. The kids devoured them and it felt good to sneak some beans into their diets. Three out of our four are current bean-haters. So, mom wins again.

However, if you’ve been around the clean eating block for a while (or Pinterest for that matter), you’ve surely seen bean-y baked goods yourself. The point of today’s Truth Thursday post isn’t really to tell you that black bean brownies rule, it’s to tell you that sometimes we do have to get out of our bubbles in order to make progress.  Sometimes that means trying food (or fitness routines) that we previously cursed the very name of. I, for one, am not a natural exerciser. You’ve seen me post about hating gym class and running. It wasn’t until I tried PiYo that I FELL IN LOVE with fitness and how it could make me feel SO MUCH BETTER. I’ll compare that to some of you who turn your noses up at green beans and spinach smoothies. Sometimes we have to be completely fed-up with our lifestyle; our diet; our tight jeans; our muffin tops; and our self-confidence to do something about it. So, take heart, just because you are unsure or have preconceived notions about something – don’t let that hold you back! Do your research; be bold; be confident; and move in the right direction!

My kids have already asked to have black bean brownies again sometime. Just remember – if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. Some awesome person said that before me, I’m not sure who. If you aren’t sure how to get started with clean eating or a fitness routine, message me! I’d love to hash out options with you.

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