What's For Dinner Wednesday: Heck if I know.

IMG_5288 copyNo, seriously. How many times has 5 pm rolled around and you’re all staring into the fridge like you’ve just been transplanted from Mars and this is the first time you’ve ever seen non space-food. That was me a few hours ago. By the end of the weekend, we were running way short on dinner time essentials and then yesterday’s snowmageddon episode set us back even further. Thankfully, a few kitchen staples saved our dinner tonight (and last night); we took a ride to Costco tonight and nearly cleared their shelves with our stock-up trip. So, we’re good to go for a bit.

But…in case you’re wondering, there are a few clean eating items that are versatile, inexpensive, amazing, and I think you should always have them on-hand. Because, you know, snowmageddon happens and they might save your day in the event that you have to get creative! That was for sure the scene here tonight. Want to know what they are? Ok, I’ll tell you…

  • Brown Rice or QuinoaSo many uses! Stir-fry; soups; salads; side dishes; casseroles – you name it!!
  • OatsOvernight oats; baked goods; make your own flour; add to smoothies; traditional oatmeal recipe.
  • Frozen VegetablesI always recommend fresh, first, but frozen are perfect to have around in a special situation! Roast; steam; saute; bake in casseroles; add to omelets; make soup; add to stir-fry; possibilities are endless!
  • Sweet PotatoesThe shelf life isn’t forever or anything, but I can keep sweet potatoes around a long time. They are amazing baked and topped with clean delicious toppings; as fries; as chips; in a smoothie; made into hash; added to a soup; You can do SO many things with sweet potatoes. Never be without, people. Never!
  • Frozen FruitGreat for smoothies; fruit salads; and homemade ice cream!
  • Almond MilkLonger shelf life than dairy milk; delicious taste; no lactose; many uses from smoothies to baking, drinking, use in casseroles, etc.
  • Beans – You can eat beans alone or add them to so many dishes!! Mexican dishes; soups and chilis; black bean brownies; make your own hummus or dips; add them to veggie burgers or meatloaves.
  • SpicesEndless possibilities – sea salt; black pepper; cayenne; cumin; garlic salt; garlic powder; onion powder; basil; thyme; oregano and nutritional yeast are some of the essentials we like to have around!
  • Olive Oilhealthy delicious oil. I use it nearly every day!
  • Eggsscrambled; omelets; patties; hard boiled; in dinner recipes; in baked goods; quiche. So many amazing uses. We go through about 4 dozen a week!
  • Plain Greek YogurtSub for sour cream; in soups; in smoothies; make your own dips; use it to replace eggs in baking; mix with fruit. I always use it and have our kids eating it also! It has protein and is a good source of probiotics, B12, and potassium!
  • BananasWhen they start to go bad, you can freeze them and give them a whole new outlook on life. Frozen bananas are great in smoothies and homemade ice cream. You can also use very ripe bananas as a sweetener in clean eating baked goods. Win win!!
  • Natural Peanut ButterDo I need to explain this one? I am such a fan of PB it’s not even funny. On whole grain toast; in recipes; in smoothies; mixed with greek yogurt; on fruit; on a spoon. I love it. Yum. Yum. Yum.
  • HoneyGreat clean eating sweetener to use, in moderation. Think of adding a little to your smoothie or Greek yogurt next time!
  • Dark Chocolate Bar – Hide it in the freezer. Only because, if you have no freaking clue what to make for dinner and simultaneously need chocolate, you might hurt someone. Just stash one or two and consider it a “safety issue.” Trust me.

Can you think of more clean eating staples? Let me know!!


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