Truth Thursday: Sugar free diets can be hard!

b658e-photo5Here’s the total truth about clean eating. It’s not always possible eat clean, 100% of the time. Sometimes we’re at a restaurant, and the available choices are far from clean; sometimes we’re at a party and there’s nothing left un-fried or un-sweetened in the whole party-scape. Sometimes, we want to make a recipe, but we’re out of a certain ingredient and maybe time or resources won’t allow us to go get that needed ingredient. So, you know what we clean eaters do in those circumstances?

We do our best. 

That’s all. There will be days and times that we can’t eat 100% clean, but living informed and aware will allow us to make *better* choices than we would have previously. I’m going to give you an example.

A few days ago, I was craving a mocha latte. I could have said…

“Well, I don’t have all clean ingredients to do this…so I’m just going to go to XYZ coffee shop and order the biggest, baddest, most sugary mocha they have.”

(PS. That would have been my former pre-clean eating logic). It would have cost me about 400 calories, yo! And, there’s nothing sugar free about one of those coffee house drinks. (And, PPS. having a drink made with “sugar free” syrup is not only not-clean, it’s not good for you).

madewithOverLet’s see what I did instead. I said…

“Forget you – sugar filled overpriced latte…”

….and made one myself.

This recipe yields 2 servings; 1/4 c. organic half and half (79 cal); 2 c. Fogcutter organic coffee, cooled (0 cal); 1.5 TB organic hot chocolate mix (75 cal). = 77 calories per serving and it’s 100% organic. I blended it to perfection in our Blend Tec.

If you don’t have a blender with a “hot” setting, get a cheap milk frother on Amazon; heat up the coffee if it’s not hot; stir in your chocolate; warm and froth the milk and pour over top! Total. Noms. You can get a similar drink you-know-where for around 400 calories…and who knows what’s in it.

Sorry, not sorry. It was delicious. That is all.

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