Workout Wednesday: But, I can’t even do a sit-up!

situpsTHIS. WAS. ME. I tried so many different things to do a normal sit-up after pregnancy. I worked with a trainer at the gym and could not do sit-ups without a medicine ball. I did a twice weekly bootcamp before zumba class and, despite my very best efforts, I COULD. NOT. SIT. UP. Talk about frustrating!

I just assumed that my abs were permanently out of commission from carrying so many babies and I was sentenced to a life of crunches. Not so fast! As SOON as Chalene Johnson started making subtle hints about PiYo over social media, I was stalking pages every day. I couldn’t wait for these workouts to come out and I ever dreamed they’d define my body the way they did – let alone help me push through to do sit-ups like a normal person again! Awesome, right???

I never thought I’d be so happy about doing the very thing I avoided in gym class all those years, but knowing that the program was working and I could see and demonstrate total progress, made me a very happy girl!

cardiopiyoA little more on PiYo. It truly does define and if you follow the workout calendar that comes with the DVDs YOU WILL have success and you’ll feel like you have your own personal trainer each and every day. This was perfect for me for a couple reasons.

1.) I used to go to the gym 3-4x per week. Now that we have four, going on five, littles, I just can’t make it happen. I mean, I could get up at dark-thirty and go. But, let’s go back to the fact that we’re going to have five kids soon…SLEEP IS A HOT COMMODITY HERE. I have to take it when I can get it.

2.) I need more personal trainer interaction than we can realistically afford or have time for. Seeing a PT daily would probably be a small fortune and would take hours out of the day that I don’t have. While you’re on the PiYo schedule, it’s like you have a personal trainer – in your house! Chalene is there every day and she’s incredibly motivating. You have a calendar to go by and you have a COACH to keep you accountable day-by-day and help you through rough patches and answer any questions you have!!! I love being partnered with Team Beachbody. As a TBB Coach, I have the opportunity to help people going through the PiYo series or any other series TBB offers. So rewarding and motivating!! 🙂

Want more info on PiYo or working with Team Beachbody? PLEASE email me! I’ll be happy to chat with you.

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