Family Friday: Make fitness a family function!

140826_iPhone_0230-1Have you ever heard your kids say something …unfortunate. Maybe they sass back at your and it sounds eerily familiar, like something icky that slips from your mouth from time to time?

What about their rooms? Do they leave a trail of clothes, shoes, clutter and you’re constantly irritated. Maybe you notice that, but then remember your own clutter is really no different – piles of junk here and there. Socks unmatched and ready to be folded. Clothes piles of clean (?) or dirty (?) laundry strewn about… Sigh. They come by that honestly, too.

966410_10100473437384876_1723883708_oYou know what other habits are drawn by example? Nutrition and fitness. If you’re stopping at Sonic for slushies every day at happy hour – that’s what your little people will want to do, too. If you’re one with the couch day in and day out, they will be, too!! We’ve made a grandiose effort in the last couple years, to get our kids out of the house and moving around – especially on weekends. When the weather allows, we take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner most nights; it may not be vigorous exercise, but it’s something and our kids crave it! We go to the every day in the summer; we take hikes on weekends and do lots of impromptu park trips. Also, when we are active by example – using the elliptical or workout videos, our kids want to join in and do the same!

Leading by example in fitness and nutrition is SO important not only for your health, but also your children’s. Establishing good habits early on will carry through to their teenage years and adulthood, when being in good health is a must. Need some good ideas on how to get fit with your family? Send me a message using the contact form on my About page! I’ll be happy to chat with you and get your family in shape!

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