Truth Thursday: I gained 10lbs over the holidays…

Ohdonuts, you guys…the other day, I woke up feeling just about as good as someone who’s creeping in on her third trimester could feel. Not in pain; not tired; motivated to workout; and eating really well! I was feeling so well, in fact, that I momentarily lost my marbles and decided to step on the scale. WHY. Why. why. why. was all I could ask myself after seeing the astounding triple-digit number glaring back at me. Some quick fuzzy math told me I was already like 32lbs up. My goal was to stick to 30lbs…and I have a few months to go. I was getting really frustrated thinking about how many times I’ve driven past Sonic without stopping for a Nerds slushy. How many times I’ve pulled up to Starbucks for a cafe latte instead of a PSL or peppermint mocha…and STILL, still, I packed on the pounds.Thinking about it really just made me want to hide in the pantry with a box of donuts.

Big sigh. 

I had a check-up a few hours later and asked my doctor – WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON? She said. Oh, your’re okay! Your weight gain has been really normal, but between December and January, you gained 10lbs. 

Oh, whoops.

So, I didn’t mean to gain 1/3 of the suggested pregnancy weight gain in ONE MONTH, but now at least I know why and I don’t have to continue with that pattern. Let me tell you about December. There were cinnamon rolls a plenty. Cookies, cannoli, candy, cake and more. You know, some of these things are once-a-year treats and I suppose I looked the other way for four weeks or so. While I’m still not happy about my big jump in weight, it’s nice to be able to target the behavior that caused it and understand how to correct it.

I really have been doing well other than that little hiatus.

My big weight jump is NO DIFFERENT than what I once experienced day after day and what I’m guessing some of you have experienced or are experiencing now. Maybe you’re stuck in a vicious pattern of binging and starving yourself like I once was. Maybe you eat out of boredom, anxiety, depression or frustration. Maybe you are addicted to sugar or other highly-processed foods and don’t know where to stop. Maybe you just straight-up haven’t been paying attention. Let me tell you right now, the past absolutely doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you packed on 15lbs after you were married or gained 80 during pregnancy and just can’t seem to get it back off. What matters is that you 1.) Identify the problem and 2.) Come up with a solution to correct it immediately.

You can’t beat yourself up for past behaviors; you can only make an effort TODAY to do better and be better. Want help? I have a toolbox full of resources, tips and programs that can and will help you!! I strongly desire to work with you and get you on the path to better health. Walk with me through this? Stop on by my facebook page and send me a message today. I’d love to get started on helping you to optimum health and wellness. 🙂

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