Truth Thursday – Wake up. Show up. Never ever give up.

22192_10100354356623676_588964973_n copyFor the longest time, I made excuses for not working out. My all-time-favorite most-used excuse for not working out was – “I need someone to do it with me. I can’t workout alone.” There is definitely truth to that statement. Accountability partners; focus groups and coaches can be key players in your journey to fitness. I am surrounded by a group of AMAZING fitness enthusiasts at Fit Team Inspire; they are always there to encourage, support and help…but we are all spread out across the country. So, getting up for 6 a.m. workouts together isn’t feasible in most cases. It’s the accountability, enthusiasm and group-wide determination that drives us, though. I think it’s so important to have friends like that!

For quite a while, I had an amazing workout partner! She and I were able to work out together a couple times a week; we connected on recipes and clean eating; we challenged one another to do better and be better; and we got that much-needed mom socialization in one while our kids mingled. It was great. I was super motivated. And then? She experienced some major life changes our workouts no longer worked out. Traumatic.

I felt pretty sad, you guys. In the spirit of #truththursday, I’ll tell you that I lost motivation; I was back to my old excuses. I didn’t want to workout if I had to do it alone; and, I may have binged out on some of my kids’ Halloween candy for many days (or weeks) in a row resulting in unfortunate and substantial weight gain in a short amount of time (I have four kids; that’s a lot of free-range candy). I was mulling over where to go from there, and while I was mulling, my clothes were getting tighter and I was getting more and more careless about my health and wellness.

I was letting myself feel okay and justified in my bigger jeans. And then? I saw myself in a photo. I remembered how far and long I’d come and decided that one unfortunate circumstance wasn’t going to set me back. That’s when I picked up momentum. I cleaned up my diet; got back to workouts and treated myself to something new and different, PiYo. It was something fun that I could do on my own time and I not only did PiYo improve my health, it also gave me that much-needed distraction to start a new chapter. Maybe PiYo isn’t the answer for you today, but I promise that life’s distractions can be overcome! The longer you make excuses, the longer it will take you to get to goal. And, sometimes, you just have to get fed-up enough to get serious.

You can do it, friends. Wake up. Show up. Never ever give up.

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