Workout Wednesday – Bust a Move with Baby!

IMG_4463At the end of 2005, I was newly pregnant and terrified of making any false
moves that may disturb our developing child, in utero. And, by false moves, I really mean moving in general. I basically put myself on bed/chair/couch rest and parked my rear-end for 9 months while eating ice cream sundaes, a 5lb bag of tootsie rolls, and gallons upon gallons of red gatorade.

This self-imposed rest period caused me to gain about 65 pounds by mid-2006 when our first daughter was born. I was swollen from face to feet; miserable; and had a substantial amount of weight to lose AFTER the first 30 lbs fell off following delivery. I was pregnant again before I had a chance to get the weight off, which just caused me to be even more unhealthy – gaining another 60lbs and from a higher start weight than before. This was followed by another pregnancy, and another and another… You get the picture. It was a vicious cycle of over-eating and lack of moving. We’re on pregnancy #6 now (after four babies; one miscarriage and the little yet-to-be-named peanut we’re expecting now).

This time, it’s different. I am more than halfway through this pregnancy and I’ve been moving around A LOT more than with the other babies and definitely eating better. I’m not allowing myself to binge eat (nor do I have the desire to) and I’ve been incorporating some pregnancy-safe workouts to keep myself and this baby healthy during this 9 month stint.

#workoutwednesday_12815My nose tends to be stuffy when I’m pregnant so anything fast-paced that is going to cause me to be out of breath quickly is out of the question right now – no zumba or Turbo Fire for me right now. I am loving some prenatal yoga, modified PiYo, brisk walks and here’s a silly trick…I make myself use our master bathroom so I’m forced to take the stairs MANY times a day. Proper water consumption = lots of time in the bathroom. It’s all for the love of babies. Speaking of babies – I also tried using our 2 1/2 year old as a human kettle bell the other day – wow, my quads! I highly recommend using toddlers as exercise equipment as long as it’s safe for them and you.

So, take it at YOUR OWN pace, but be sure to get those workouts in. It’s essential, friends! Happy #workoutwednesday.

PS. You don’t have to waddle to the Yoga studio or buy a gym membership; check Amazon Prime or YouTube to stream pre-natal workouts directly to your TV! I love doing that because I get to read reviews first. 10 Minute Solution: Prenatal Pilates is my current fave. Check it out if you need a great prenatal pilates workout in increments of 10-50 min.

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