Not your mama’s fruit and veggie juice!

IMG_3919Ok, let’s be absolutely real here. It’s not always easy to get kids to clear their plates of the veggies, grains and lean meats that are good for them. In fact, some of my kids do great most days and then we’ll have an off day where they declare everything on their plate as complete blasphemy – even if it’s something they’ve always eaten before.

So, we have to get creative in the kitchen (my favorite!). We eat all day around here – usually six small meals a day is what works best for us. Around lunch time, we fire-up the blender and throw some of our favorites in to power-up for the afternoon stretch. This past week, I noticed we had some leftover baked sweet potato hanging out from the night before. I thought to myself, “well? It probably won’t be terrible…” and threw it in the blender right with fruit, water and spinach.

I kid you not…our two, four, and eight year old went on and on about this smoothie blend and asked for more. As their mom, I was pretty stoked that they were HAPPILY eating spinach, sweet potato and fruit for lunch. Our six year old is more of a solid-food guy so he usually has something else for lunch – not our frosty blended beverages.

So, when you mix your smoothies, don’t feel like they have to have a bunch of exotic and expensive ingredients. Look at the whole foods you have around your house already (preparing them ahead of time is a great idea) think about combos that may taste good, and get to blending. You might end up with a dud recipe here and there – but trial and error is how we learn, my friends.

Our new favorite fruit and veggie smoothie recipe is included in today’s #tastytuesday graphic below. I hope you try it and love it. Let me know if you come up with any amazing variations yourself. And, as always, please share it with your clean eating or clean eating hopeful friends!


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