Break Free. Be Fit.


break_freeI hope YOU had a fabulous weekend! When I started writing this blog three years ago, it was just something to do as I transitioned from full-time corporate writer to stay-at-home-mom; alas, I received something I never expected in return – friendships, connections, resources and the opportunity to serve others through sharing my story in blog posts each day. Over the years, SO MANY of you have come to me – baring your souls – and explaining that you’ve been trapped in the same cycle of destructive eating habits that I once was. That’s so humbling, friends!! So, as I begin my third year, things are changing in an effort to serve you well!

Over the past few days, I have been busy re-branding all social media outlets related to this blog and updating them with fresh, focused content just for YOU – the Break Free. Be Fit. community! I’m looking forward to serving you in the coming weeks and months with fresh focused content designed to help you reach YOUR goals related to breaking free from sugar addiction; achieving weight loss and maintenance; and, balancing LIFE with your health and fitness in a frugal and efficient way. I am thrilled to link-arms with some amazing and motivational fitness professionals at Fit Team Inspire and other fitness networks in an effort to serve YOU better.

#motivationmonday_12615Be sure to watch my FB page for a really important opportunity, too – You’ll soon  be able to register for my very first online Eat Clean Extreme workshop where I’ll be sharing essential tips and tools that you can use to break free from sugar addiction and learn to be fit! It will be held online and for a small fee; so, no matter your location, you can participate! More details to follow!

I can’t wait to serve YOU from this new platform so we can break free and be fit, together. Be well, friends!

PS. If you haven’t already, please follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. My Facebook page will be updated with the new name over the next few days.

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