I can’t even drink a whole can of soda…

b1eee-img_0011Add that to the list of annoying things that people who are eating clean and getting fit say.

When I was in the throes of sugar addiction, I sure could drink a whole soda. In fact, I could drink 44 ounces of high-fructose corn syrup-infused water laced with caramel coloring, extra caffeine, and the whole nine – straight from the gas station soda fountain even. *Shudder* I could chase it with some Reese Cups and a bag of Combos, too.

You think I’m exaggerating?


When I started eating clean, all of the refined carbs and processed foods were gone instantly from my diet. These offenders, who once caused me bodily harm on a daily basis, were gone from my life for a LONG TIME before I even tried adding them back in.

I can remember trying white bread again. Hello, heartburn.

Candy? My teeth hurt.

Soda? It tasted so syrupy sweet that I couldn’t even believe I ever had a taste for it in the past.

When I got a taste for real, unadulterated whole food, my idea of quality food changed for the better. We stopped restaurant-ing so much; I didn’t binge out like I did before; I wasn’t constantly looking for a snack because those healthful foods actually filled my stomach the way food should. I am now fully satisfied with unsweetened iced tea; whole grain bread; sweet potatoes; and loads of vegetables. These foods are the ones with health benefits. There are no mystery ingredients. There’s no reason to wonder what artificial colors, sweeteners or fillers are lurking in your food and what they may do to you, long-term.

If you’re in a position today, where you need to kick a bad habit that’s keeping your health at-bay, have faith! You can for-sure live without fru-fru coffees, candy, cake, cigarettes, alcohol, soda…whatever your vice, trust me! Giving it up will only help you. Of course, there may be an uncomfortable detox period, but it will be short-lived and worth it!

Phil 4:13 – “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

If you need help releasing one of your strongholds, or several, PLEASE comment below or message me. I will be happy to help guide you on your way.

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