0.0, I don’t run.

onewayI really want to be a runner (see pic of me half-running to the finish line in yesterday’s post). I want to sign-up for all the half-marathons. I
want to get all the t-shirts. I want to use my double-jogging stroller to its fullest potential. I want to sweat myself into a puddle running on 90 degree days in the middle of July. I want to need a new pair of Brooks every two months. I want a 13 point freaking 1 sticker to slap on the back of my mom mobile.

However, I don’t like the running part of running. It’s not that I can’t do it. It’s not that I haven’t made progress. I just get out there with all my lofty intentions and realize, I really hate doing it. I register for 5K races and I’m immediately sorry for doing so. My lungs burn; my head hurts; I am bored; I don’t like to road run alone; I don’t want to get on the dreadmill. Maybe I’m going about it the wrong way, but guess I like it so little, that I don’t really care.

And, you know what? I’ve decided that that’s perfectly okay. I can look up to my running friends. I can cheer them on to 13.1 and 26.2…I can be THANKFUL that I’m inside working out with Chalene Johnson in the comfort of my my air conditioned home. I can buy my own dang shirts.

We aren’t all built the same or wired the same, friends. There is no single option that works for every human being. I ADORE PiYo and Turbo Fire, but I know people who would rather go run 50 miles in the Arizona dessert and nearly die before doing a squat, lunge or burpee or touch a yoga mat. Get to know you and what fits your personality; your life and your routine. If you are one to loathe ALL exercise, start with brisk walks! If you are more of a quiet spirit, try yoga. Once you get your fitness level and flexibility up, your energy and motivation will be up too. I bet you’ll graduate to other things!

Need help deciding what to do? Message me. Team Beachbody has a ton of solutions for various fitness levels and personalities. I’d be happy to give you some suggestions and let you know what all has worked for me.

Take care!

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