Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes!

It’s a rare-occasion, but sometimes the Internet does indeed let me down when it comes to finding recipes. That rare phenomenon happened this morning as I searched – to no-end – for a crockpot scalloped potato recipe. Basically, this is what happened. Every recipe had ingredients that I didn’t want to mess with; didn’t have; or required time I didn’t want to spend. So, alas, I invented something. We haven’t sat down to dinner yet, but I smell the potatoes cooking and I think the outcome will be favorable. I also might have scraped the leftover sauce out of the pan and ate it straight. So I kind of know it’s going to be good as long as I don’t burn it.

Here’s how it went down…

Prep work:

  • Wash and thinly slice some red potatoes. I think I used 5 or 6 to feed our family of 6.  Tough, right? 

On the stovetop: 

  • 2c almond milk – bring it to a boil
  • Add in 1/4c flour – or just accidentally dump in some random amount like I did. It’s cool. Stir till it’s smooth.
  • Salt, pepper, garlic, minced dried onion and butter (like 2T of butter).  Stir it up some more. 
  • Throw in a handful of cheese. I don’t know how much. Don’t fret. Just put a generous palmful-ish in. And if you crazy, add more and more and more and more. I love cheese.
JUST DON’T FORGET TO STIR CONSTANTLY. K? I’m not responsible for your burnt cheese sauce, only my own. 
Now, layer it up in your crockpot:
  • Spray the TAR out of your crockpot with a non-stick spray. Otherwise, you might as well just throw out your crock when you’re done. 
  • Layer 1: Potatoes (salt, pepper, minced dried onion and parsley them)
  • Layer 2: another handful of cheese;
  • Layer 3: pour on 1/3 of the sauce. 
Repeat 1-3 until you are out of ingredients or space in your crockpot. Top with some more pepper and parsley or whatevs. I use dry parsley because fresh parsley is like…I might as well just throw it in the trash right after I use it the first time. I never use a full head of parsley before it turns into a science experiment. 
Cook on LOW for 8-10hrs or HIGH for 4-6hrs. I cooked on HIGH because I basically can’t think about dinner 8-10hrs ahead of time unless it’s like Thanksgiving day or we have RESERVATIONS. Can I get an AMEN? 
Enjoy!!  I served it with baked ham/pineapple for my meat-eaters and boiled cabbage. 
We also had banana/vanilla wafer pudding – part of our homeschooling math and science lesson for the day. Sadly, I forgot to add the bananas. Live and learn, right? This is real life, people. 

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