I’ve been desperate to paint our kitchen cabinets…

…for AT LEAST three years now. It hasn’t happened because:

1.) We have no time.
2.) If we did have time, there’s like 847 other things on the list before painting the cabinets.
3.) It’s going to make a mess of our kitchen.
4.) A dysfunctional kitchen will send the kids and, consequently, I into meal-time hysterics.
5.) I might make a mess of the cabinets.
6.) I never have the right supplies and, based on the current number of children we have, I only have patience for one trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot, per project.

Soooooo, here’s the deal, I may be an artsy girl, but I make a big gigantic mess when it comes to paint. It’s not that I can’t paint, I’m just impatient. I rush the process. I spill crap. I attempt to use the wrong tools. And, I don’t like cleaning it all up at the end. No less, the builder-grade kitchen cabinets we have (see first photo), have been talking to me.

Cabinets to Me: “We want a make over. We saw you get your bangs cut right here in this very kitchen. Now, update us!” 

Or, you know, something like that.

I said, “Ok, cabinets. Let me start with something easy so I don’t ruin you. Deal?” 

And, with that, half the kids and I headed to Lowe’s this morning. I didn’t even know what color I was going to paint the cabinet. White? Grey? Black? I basically looked through paint chips until the smallest child was trying to stand up in the cart and the second smallest child was trying to let herself in the roped-off paint mixing area. Those indicators mean mama’s time is UP. I decided to take a risk and make my own chalk paint – as seen on Pinterest, of course. Not chalkboard paint, chalk paint. It’s this super paint that’s supposed to be super versatile; require no sanding; put off a beautiful matte finish; and, just flat-out be lovely to work with. Sounds like what I needed, right?  I think it’s mostly sold in little boutique-y stores and, from what I hear, it has a pretty steep price tag.

After lunch today, I started dismantling the icky cabinet in the kids bathroom. I figured that if I *really really* screwed it up, we’d just put an OUT OF ORDER sign on the bathroom door when company came over and lock the door and give the bathroom a total overhaul sooner than later. I know, I am a planner when I want to be.

I mixed up the paint, which went surprisingly well. It just took a cup and a half of paint; half a cup of water and half a cup of Plaster of Paris. Easy! To see the complete recipe I used, click here. Thankfully, the baby was an amazing napper today! She napped long enough for me to clean them up and sand them down. I sanded just for good measure; besides, there was some toothpaste cemented on a couple of the pieces. I was also able to put four coats on both the doors and cabinet box. She woke up right before the final waxing (or in my case, polyurethaning) stage. I had her older sisters go babysit (aka, throw some noise-making toys in her crib) while I finished the cabinet.

Everything went together really well aside from some touch-ups (I had some issues with peeling paint on the underside of one of the water-damaged drawers). It looks like one (or more) of the kids filled the drawer with water at some point. So, you know. There’s that. That’s a DIY for another day, though. I also got a decent amount of paint on the kitchen floor, but that came right up with some cleaning spray and a scotch bright. 🙂

We need to get some drawer pulls and knobs installed; over-all, though, I think it brightens up the bathroom and gives it a more current look. You think?

PS. Painting this cabinet wasn’t nearly as scary or messy as I expected; however, the kitchen cabinets are still on the waiting list. Ain’t no mama got time for that….right now, anyway.

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