Want to hair a secret…and enter a product giveaway??

Ok, this may or may not surprise you about me. And, if you’re not surprised, I’m totally not offended. The thing is, I don’t really brush my hair. I know. I have crazy (not really curly or straight) hair that does not require brushing because, quite honestly, it does no good. In the morning, I flip my hair forward, hairspray the tar out of it, flip it back over scrunching it into something that looks purposeful and finish it off with a barrette. Anyway. My hair is totally not the point of this post. One day, not too long ago, I was, once again, in momentary shock over the fact that I have three girls. THREE. I’m pretty sure two out of the three do not have my hair type and I’m going to have to a.) get better about brushing hair, and b.) learn how to do something with their lovely locks besides the flip and spray method that I use.

SO, with these things in mind, I was SO excited when the awesome folks at Girls Crochet Headbands asked me to do a product review and giveaway! Not only would my little girlies (and I) be outfitted with some darling hair accessories and apparel, one of my lovely readers will also get a $30 gift card to girlscrochetheadbands.com  to try out some of these awesome products!!

My girls have been having SO much fun with the review items we received from GCH! We have been wearing zebra leg warmers everywhere these days! I love these because of the ruffle and adorable coordinating pattern. Not only can my two-year-old wear them, so can my six-year-old! I think they’d be perfectly adorable with boots when it gets cold, don’t you?? In addition to the warmers, I couldn’t resist trying out one of GCH’s adorable multi color zebra rompers on my two-year-old. I thought it would be the perfect dress-up look for a baby-glam photo session. I’ve seen some pretty adorable Halloween Costumes made with these rompers, too!! In addition to the apparel we got to try, we also received a hot pink Kelly flower clip, a black crochet headband, and a black crochet beanie to check out. My girls ask to wear these things almost every day. So, since not all of our clothes are pink and black, I’m going to have to go to GCH’s site and buy more!!! What’s more, I can be seen with the flower clips and headbands in my hair more days than not. GCH’s products are great for adults, too!! I’ve been making a list of all the outfits and occasions we have to pick the perfect accessories for!! I LOVE THESE THINGS. And, did I mention that the prices are outstanding? I bought baby #3 a crochet headband and flower clip at a festival a few years ago for $5 or $6. You can get the same thing at GCH’s website for less than $2.50!!

WE LOVE GCH. Now, are you ready to enter the giveaway? It’s easy. Checkout the rafflecopter widget below and get to work. The winner will be announced this Friday.

PS. This post is listed on the Time Warp Wife’s Titus2sday blog link-up. Please head over to Darlene’s site to check out all of the awesome blogs linked up today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

23 thoughts on “Want to hair a secret…and enter a product giveaway??

  1. Dana M says:

    I love all the cute hair bows. I have a newborn-so the mini bows are perfect for her. I also love these leg warmers you have!

  2. Makeup Geek♥ says:

    I would love to have the green lace romper set on special right now 🙂 colors are great to do a at home mini photo shoot with my 4 month old. I also love the lace leggings in black,hot punk,and white 🙂

  3. heather mccomas says:

    I would love to win this for my 2 granddaughters. They already have a lot of things from Girls Crochet Headband and could always use more! My favorite thing is the rompers!!!! You can never have too many!! Thanks for the opportunity to win in this awesome giveaway!

  4. Jessie says:

    So much to choose from! I love it all! I really like the hats, we have never tried the hats. I have a couple headbands that my friend gave me when my youngest daughter was a baby, my girls love them!

  5. PSHIll says:

    So many beautiful things here!! No doubt this would be another hair accessory that my daughter and I would share… well she ends up trying to hide the good stuff from me… I might have to hide this from her!!

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