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Hey there, new friend. I’m Tess. I’m so happy you found Break Free Be Fit. If you love food, wellness, and a little laugh-at-life humor, you’re at home here. I hope you’ll feel empowered by the posts on this site. As someone who’s battled emotional eating and binge eating disorder my entire life, I’m here to speak your language.

I want to help others how I have been helped.

Back in 2012, a friend of mine made a post on Facebook challenging her friends to “eat clean.” I had no idea what that meant at the time, but was feeling so miserable in my own skin that I would have agreed to anything. I spent the next few days and weeks researching clean eating and after one month of putting that way of eating into practice, I was down 13 pounds.

I felt so free eating clean.

I’d never experienced freedom from the bondage of emotional eating before. I ate emotionally for all reasons and gained A LOT of weight doing so. Breaking free from sugar and the processed foods that seemingly held me together for so many years allowed me to feel alive, finally.

I knew right away that I needed to help others feel the way I felt. In 2012, this blog was born. In 2018, this site migrated to a new platform; posts are being weeded out; and content is being refreshed for relevancy. I want this site to be organized and helpful for all who stop by.

Oh, and a few more things.

I’m a wife, mom of six, and copywriter for chic entrepreneurs. I love a good read, home decor, anything funny, spending time with friends, spontaneous dance parties, strong cheese and good red wine.

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