Last week, Beachbody released the 2B mindset, a program geared to stop emotional eating.¬† I’ve struggled with Binge Eating Disorder for more than 20 years. I understand how hard it is to stop emotional eating and I’m glad a voice in the wellness industry is finally speaking out about it. I applaud social media movements and other outlets that have made speaking out about mental health issues (including anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide-awareness) mainstream. I think Beachbody has taken a bold step by introducing a program that claims to stop emotional eating. Sometimes nutrition isn’t about getting that chiseled body… it’s about taking your life back. And, that’s where the fight to stop emotional eating comes in.

Spoiler alert: food isn’t made for fun.

I remember looking forward to Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house where a buffet of cheese, crackers, shrimp, roast beef sandwiches, potatoes, sodas, and desserts would be waiting as soon as we walked in the door. The best part, going back for more was encouraged. I remember returning to the buffet table multiple¬†times piling my plate high with cheese, crackers, and more potatoes. I wasn’t eating because I was hungry. I was eating because it was a happy occasion and food fed my happy.

Food is also not a stress-reducer.

Fast forward 15 or so years, the stress of my corporate job was eating away at my nerves. I regularly went out for lunch to get away from the office. Sometimes it was sushi and root beer floats, other days it was wings, fries, and soda… On the way back to the office, I had to prepare my distraction for the rest of the day. I would regularly stop at a gas station and pick up another large soda, a candy bar or ice cream, and a bag of chips. Again, I was not eating because I was hungry. I was fighting emotional warfare using as my weapon.
As I reflect on life up until age 30, I can remember abusing food during every major life event; every season of stress; and every point of grief. Emotional eating isn’t just some mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner followed by a nice slice of cake. Emotional eating is something that can go on for weeks or months at a time, resulting in huge gains on the scale. Binge Eating is not eating a whole bag of chips. It’s more like, half a pizza, a whole bag of chips, and an ice cream sundae with all the toppings plus anything else in the house that seems like it would work with ice cream. Repeat for days, weeks or even months at a time.
You know how binge drinkers suck down liquor until the point of blackout? Emotional eaters are the same, but there’s no blackout. There’s just a feeling of being physically ill from eating; gains on the scale; and, of course, the feeling of regret that lingers and entertains that vicious cycle of binge eating.

It’s nearly impossible to stop emotional eating without a plan.

That’s why I’m so thrilled Beachbody has come up with one. This program was developed by Ilana Muhlstein, a UCLA Registered Dietician who has personally lost 100lbs using this method. The reason I know it will work is because a.) it’s proven, first and foremost. b.) this is similar to the method I used to stop binge eating 6 years ago. And, c.) because I’ve incorporated the 2B Mindset with my daily routine already and the scale is going down.
Those who have a history of eating disorders often feel trapped, overwhelmed or deprived with certain methods of weight loss. Tricky weight loss systems can exasperate negative thoughts about food, triggering binge eaters to go back to their old ways and gain even more weight.
The 2B mindset can stop emotional eating because it uses a few simple rules and allows big portions. It’s truly a teaching system that will re-wire the way you think about food. After using the 2B mindset this past week, I can already tell you. I’ve not been hungry or left wanting more. I’ve actually had more energy and felt amazing.

Don’t worry, you’re not giving up any food groups.

Some people (especially emotional eaters) are completely paralyzed by the thought of giving up certain foods. Don’t worry, my friend. This is all worked into the 2B mindset system.
Are you ready to stop emotional eating? It’s time to break the cycle, my friend. This method will help you start thinking of food as fuel and allow you to deal with your emotions on a healthy basis… not related to your plate.
Ready to 2B with me? I’d love to Coach you through this process. Leave a message below or send me an email for more info. If you’re ready now, go to my page and get signed up.