I last blogged in May, and then we moved. Our family of seven made a temporary move to a rental while waiting on construction of our new home to be finished. We’ve left about 90% of our stuff in boxes and I thought this would be easy. I had big plans to step-up my fitness game. My weights are in a room nearby; the kids were off school all summer; and I was just going to have a shake for lunch every day; eggs with toast for breakfast in an effort to minimize kitchen clutter and save space; and lift heavy every hour I wasn’t eating or sleeping (that’s a wee exaggeration). But still, I had amazing intentions.
And then all of the sudden, it was September. I’ve turned one year older (35, ok?). The summer disappeared in a fit of errands, new house responsibilities, work, and all kinds of other things now forgotten. And, sadly, my good intentions went down the tubes. I found myself making bad decisions in drive-thru lines; eating too many treats (I had three donuts one right after the other on my birthday). My weight rack is still close by (collecting dust); my eating habits have been more than atrocious; and only my stretchy clothes fit. I even signed up for TWO diet bets and fell-out on both of them.
It’s sad, actually.
Sometime last week, I thought about blogging and then considered, “who am I to talk?” Who wants to hear from someone who was in terrible shape, then great shape, and then got careless and now has to start over (again). Forget this blog. Who cares.
And then yesterday, out of the blue really, somethings happened. Not one, but two friends told me how I’ve helped them. How they (and others) have counted on my posts and cheerleading for encouragement. So, today, as I was sifting through laundry baskets for the stretchiest pants I could find…I thought about it again. That blog.
I’m not a personal trainer; I’m not a nutritionist; I’m not an authority on fitness and I don’t have plans to become any of those things, ever. But, I am a person who’s struggled and overcome. I’m a person who has moved past eating disorders; sugar addiction; baby weight; and has been successful. So, I can talk because I’ve been there and I know how this all works and feels. And, I know how to help others out of the trenches because I’ve been in them so many times myself.
So, to all you beautiful friends in the trenches with me right now, let’s get up. Let’s get moving. Let’s make better decisions starting now. Monday is far too long to wait. Clean the toilets with your two-liters; feed the Oreos to the squirrels and charge-up your step-counters. I’m ready, are you with me?