My friend and I were pushing our (big) babies up some beastly hills this morning – getting our sweat on at a record rate and cursing the hot sun the entire way. As we climbed our last big hill, I started thinking. Why in THE WORLD would anyone train for a 26.2…or 13.1 for that matter. WHY. Why would you do that to yourself?  And then I thought about it some more.
There are probably plenty of people who would gag at the idea of pushing strollers up and down hills for 40 minutes. There are people who would scoff at a free weight and, I know, there’s a whole slew of you who will never be seen in a Zumba class or Crossfit facility.
So there. If you’re in sloth-mode because a particular popular workout or training method is not on your radar…just pick another one.
When I was in college I joined Weight Watchers and literally the only exercise I did was walking around the block day after day talking my mom’s ear off.  All of those trips to Taco Bell with my girl, Jennifer, and bottles of Bacardi O (*shudder*) melted away. Neighborhood walks + responsible eating. How hard is that? If you can’t walk far, walk a few houses down. The next day, go  one further. And on and on and on. If you don’t like being outside (I actually don’t), pick up some free-weights and check out different online or dvd-based training programs until you find one you feel comfortable with.
All that matters is that you are doing YOUR freaking best. Don’t worry about someone else’s best…or anyone else’s anything, actually. In order to succeed with fitness, you need to have fun and do something that doesn’t seem like a chore (or a bore) to YOU. So, while Kendra and I were kind of T-O’ed about the weather today, we still got in 40 minutes of friend time during our hardcore hill-blast workout and that made it great.
Have a great day, you lovely people! Keep at it.