bw-09-DSC_8690For many, mother’s day is depressing. That’s even uncomfortable to say, isn’t it? Mother’s day is supposed to be filled with homemade cards; breakfast in bed; a bouquet on the nightstand; and, maybe even some sparkly somethings tucked in a gift bag, right? The reality is, mother’s day is depressing for so many ladies because of the great loss or emptiness they’ve had in their lives – right this very second, every single day, or sometime in the past.
As I scroll through my social feeds each day, it’s not difficult to see who may be having a hard time this year. I see friends who will be going through their first (or 25th) mother’s day without their mamas. I see friends who have lost a baby this year or are who know a miscarriage is coming. I see you mamas who are struggling with your kids – putting up the good fight each day only to feel like your efforts go nowhere. You mamas who are doing this alone – you are amazing, but I’m sure your days can often be so trying. Foster mamas and adoptive mamas! I want to hug each and every one of you!!! Friends who struggle with infertility and friends who maybe have just never had the opportunity to fulfill their dream of motherhood…I know the cry of your hearts! And, friends who are estranged from their mothers or children, that is nearly as hard as death itself. If mother’s day is depressing to you – I understand!
mothersdayI always wondered how I would react if I experienced a pregnancy loss…it was one of my worst fears. I wondered if my heart could even take it. In March of 2014, I found out with a first-trimester miscarriage. While pregnancy loss is undoubtedly devastation, the people around me who were praying, calling, and sending condolences, made it all so much easier. The only way I can describe the feeling that came after is, “a peace that surpassed all understanding.”
We can’t fix these things and, the majority of the time, we can’t understand them. But, we can do something. We don’t just have to sit there. Mother’s day is depressing for many reasons, but we can do our part to remember those around us and lift them up!
Friends, let’s not forget that mother’s day is depressing for so many. I encourage you to take off your gardening gloves and reach out. Be bold and courageous – it will take that because discussing hurt and sorrow is not easy. Make an intentional and personal attempt to contact someone (or several someones) who you know may be struggling this mother’s day – even if it’s not someone you know well. It’s all too easy to look away. Let’s not do that. You don’t have to spend money and you don’t even have to leave your house; you can commit to showering this person with prayer on mother’s day and let them know that you are thinking of them. A few kind words can go so far.
Will you join me?