I know you all do it. I’ve done it. I’ve made every excuse in the book at one time or another, but the reality is…you have to do REAL WORK to see real results. And? Anyone can do this, so stop with the excuses already!
No pill or shake will sustain you indefinitely. Please don’t let anyone con you into believing you have to  do a cleanse, pill, shake, drink, wrap (sorry, to everyone I just offended – I do love you.) or anything else to be successful. These things *can* help some people. But, for most of us, they are not a sustainable long-term solution. Diets encourage re-bound eating and have a pretty high do-over rate. You have to make conscious decisions to do the next right thing. Decide to do better starting right now!
If you have a busy night…make a healthy dinner that you can take with you on-the-go instead of grabbing fast food. Last night, I packed big turkey sandwiches (on whole grain bread) and roasted veggies. We ate it in the car. Was it extra effort? Yes. But was it better than loading our bellies with McWhatevers? Absofreakinglutely.
I know school nights are busy. TRUST ME. If your kids have practice, music lessons or dance classes, don’t just sit there…walk laps or do a circuit with your body-weight (or the weight of a 25lb baby on your back – don’t use him as an excuse, either) while they are doing their thing. You could also keep a set of weights in your car to use (No weights? I gotchu. Use soup cans). This WILL take extra effort, but it’s worth it and you are worth it.
And another thing?  Don’t get bent out of shape about all that time you don’t have to go to the gym or money you think you have to spend on programs. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A GYM RAT. Getting fit should not cause you to go broke! I haven’t had a gym membership for about five years and managed to lose 50lbs by eating clean and using a $60 DVD series. You can use your favorite fitness DVDs, YouTube videos, or just lean on a fit friend to give you some guidance.
Here’s the bottomline. You don’t have to be obsessed with fitness. It doesn’t have to take all day. You need to commit to eating clean (whole foods) and moving your body. Make moves or make excuses, friends! You can do this!!