(Left) Me at 28 after having three children; (Right) Me at 34 after having five children.

I can remember being in my mid to late 20s, thinking (and saying out-loud)…

“I’ve really messed this up. I’ve gained so much weight with pregnancy.”

“I am a sugar addict and I can’t stop binge eating.”

“My body WILL NEVER go back to what it was before.”

“Why wasn’t I careful? I. am. ruined.”

I have encouraging news for you, friends. When I turned 30, I stopped buying the lie. I stopped “dieting” and started living. I started focusing on the root of the problem instead of the weight-loss journey ahead of me. I started asking myself the hard questions, “Why are you addicted to sugar? Why do you binge eat? What could you be doing instead?”

Things started to change when I realized that my sugar addiction and binge eating was really a form of spiritual bondage that had me locked in the twisted chains of eating disorders; yo-yo diets; negative self-talk and negative self-worth and all kinds of stress for nearly half my life. It was not an overnight transition; it wasn’t a simple process. But, once I realized that I was making a valuable, sustainable change from a very solid place – unpacking the root of the problem – the change became permanent.

At one point in life, I chose sugar (every hour of every day) to feel better. To sleep well. To focus. To get through the day. To combat anxiety. To deal with emotions. Every. single. day. There was never enough; I was never satisfied; I could always eat more. I could binge-eat more than anyone in the room, any time. I went on unhealthy yo-yo diets, starving myself all day just to be able to binge on carbs at dinner and a big “deserved” dessert. I tried to give up sugar by replacing it with artificial sugars – this never eliminates the sugar cravings and only added anxiety and more weight gain.

If sugar and/or simple carbs are the response to every emotion, like it was mine…if it rules your life…you HAVE NO CHOICE but to change, folks. Your health and well-being truly depends on it.

Go to the root of your problems and start working on the cause of your sugar addiction or over eating issues. You can do better; you can feel better and it’s not too late, my friend. Not until you take your last fleeting breath is it too late. You can make wise food choices and find a fitness program that works for your life and will benefit you body. I believe in you!