Listen close. Kale is not some weird hippie food. It’s not just for blending in smoothies. It’s not for rabbits. And it, fo shizzle, doesn’t have to taste nasty. If you’ve ever picked up a bundle of of kale at your local grocery only to find yourself digging it out of the back of the fridge – in a slightly composted state – 17 days later because you just didn’t know what to do with it…let’s talk.
Kale rules, you guys. I’m not just saying that because I’m a clean eating advocate. I don’t eat nasty food, k? I want to tell you some amazing ways to ENJOY kale while feeling good about the health benefits you get while eating it.
First, let me tell you WHY you should eat kale. 

  • It’s a superfood.
  • It’s nutrient dense – just one cup is packed with large amounts of vitamins and nutrients!
  • It’s an antioxidant.
  • It contains cancer-fighting properties.
  • It’s versatile!

Now, let me tell you HOW you should eat kale.

  • Chips. That’s right. Chip lovers can stand in solidarity while feeling good about themselves…if you just eat the right chips! Kale chips are an amazing choice and so easy to prep. Check out this EASY kale chips recipe and add in your own favorite seasonings to customize (I love garlic salt and cayenne, personally!).
  • Soup. Isn’t a big bowl of soup like a warm hug in the winter?? I love it. I make a pretty amazing kale soup – use your choice of stock; carrots; celery; chicken; and brown rice (or sweet potatoes in lieu of carrots and rice). Season with pepper; herbes de provence; garlic salt; cayenne, etc…throw in several large handfuls of kale at the end and voila. You have an amazing kale soup that’s nutrient dense and comforting! My apologies for not having a real recipe I just make it up as I go…Use this kale soup recipe for inspiration.
  • Salad. Costco’s sweet kale salad is MY FAVORITE. I’ve commented that this salad with the addition of Gorganzola is what dreams are made of. In fact, I need to get to Costco and get some today. I probably eat 2 bags a week. You should totally try it. Dare you to tell me I’m wrong! This salad comes in a bag with seeds, dried fruit, dressing and all the lettuce-y things. One large bag = about four adult servings. Don’t forget that cheese, though!! Dreams, I tell you!
  • Spaghetti sauce. Oh yeah, that’s right. If you can put spinach in pasta, why can’t you add in kale? Oh, that’s right, you can!! One you’ve prepped your pasta sauce, go ahead and throw a few handfuls of kale in and watch the magic happen. It’s a great way to get your greens while fist-pumping your pasta cravings. If you crazy…go ahead and have zucchini noodles with your pasta instead of regular noodles. Again, I promise, it’s good!!!! Get yourself a Paderno zucchini spiralizer (please don’t buy a cheap one, you will regret it!) and it’s easy!
  • Eggs. Think about this – scrambled eggs, quiche; egg muffins; breakfast casseroles… So so good! That’s a very simple (and non-scary) way to get your greens.

That’s all for right now, how do YOU kale it up? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.