5453d-img_8930Let’s get right to the point, you guys. I’m straight-up disorganized and I’m currently working to
improve that.  I’m taking notes of all problem areas and making improvement plans as I go. Shortly after our kids started school this year, I realized that there’s no way *ON EARTH* that I’m going to be able to make dinner (at dinner time) and get all the other crap done that we need to get done in order TO MAKE IT. We have a lot of big things going on right now in addition to having five kids under-foot. So, when I say “MAKE IT” I’m talking survival mode here. It’s just a really busy time right now and we’re doing the best we can do to get it all done.
We’ve been in survival mode before. When my husband and I both worked full time and we had three kids, we used to eat at a restaurant about four nights a week. WHAT??? In an effort to be healthy and cut costs, we cook at home about 90% of the time now. Oh, and it’s not always easy to take five kids to a sit-down restaurant. We did it last night and our kids made their own “special recipes” with hot sauce, salt, sugar packets, etc. So, there’s that.  My dinner time improvement plan includes, the crockpot. If you don’t have a crockpot, pretty much any brand will do, but get a big one! I recommend 6qt or the elusive 7qt, if you can find it. It’s also nice to have a programmable crock with auto-shut off and warming. But, again, not totally necessary.
I plan out our weeknight crockpot meals over the weekend and then shop accordingly on Monday. I usually have dinner prepped and in the crockpot by 10am (the slower part of the day). Great, right? It takes a huge burden off the end of the day (which is the craziest, by the way) and allows us do to other things. SO… if you’re looking for a way to make dinner time less-crazy, think about crockpot cooking. Most meals take very little prep time and are super easy to put together.
Here are my winning weeknight crockpot meals from last week:

So, that’s it! I’ll try to do another weeknight crockpot meal update when I try out more recipes. 🙂