IMG_1939You guys, I’ve been pregnant six times (including five full-term pregnancies and one miscarriage). Every single time (as hard as I try) I end up losing my mind into some, “oh, I’ll just work this off when the baby is born” mentality and gaining SO MUCH BABY WEIGHT! It’s a combination of, “I have to eat that Chick-Fil-A sandwich so I don’t throw up.” and “I’m so happy that I don’t feel like throwing up right now, let’s have donuts.” Right now, it’s time to work it off and I really just can’t seem to get motivated.
I’m in no way regressing into sugar addiction or binge eating, but I’ve let some things creep back into my life that just don’t belong there on a regular basis – brownies, beer and buffalo wings! Now, there is a time and place for all this, but partaking on a regular basis is making it REALLY HARD to lose the baby weight that I said would be “no big deal” as I was happily scarfing down all that comfort food during pregnancy.  We’re in a super busy season over here and I’ve just been careless with my meal plans (or lack thereof). And, well, it’s starting to catch up with me.
IMG_0231So, here’s my PLAN. Starting Monday (yes, I’m violating my rule of starting immediately because we’re having chicken potpie and cake tomorrow)…it’s back to food journaling, and just doing what I have to do to get the job done. We’re talking about veggies, brown rice, salads, lots of water, unsweetened tea, peanut butter, and smoothies. It’s not THEMOSTFUN, but let me tell you what’s less fun…not being able to button your jeans.
At the end of this week, I am going to share my food journal with you – the good, bad and ugly. This level of accountability is a smart success tool when it comes to weight loss. You should find an accountability partner and do the same!
So, friends, who is ready to move along with me? Let’s re-boot together on Monday before we all get sucked into the evil trap of binge eating on Halloween candy for the next three months. Ready?